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Download the Korean movie Student A

The game world ‘Wondering World’  is the favorite place of the middle school girl Jang Mi-Rae (Kim Hwan-Hee), whose hobby is game and her specialty is writing.

In a place where there is no monstrous father and no need to go to a lonely school, the future dreams of a world of its own.

Then, for the first time in her life, Mi-Rae tries to get a little courage to approach Tae-Yang (Yoo Jae-Sang) and Baek-Hab (Jung Da-Bin) to make real friends, but she get hurt and withered more because of an unexpected incident.

In addition, the news that even the only world, ‘Wondering World’, will cease service, and the future of being alone again goes to meet Jae-Hee (Suho).

What will happen to the future of Mi-Rae that meets a new world?









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